Motorola Password pill and RFID Tattoo.

I can’t find the exact article I read on the plane to China, but here are a couple links to some of the information

The EX¹ – rapid 3D printing of circuit boards

The EX¹ makes printing circuits as quick and easy as printing a photo – allowing you to print on the material of your choice.

The Cartesian Co. printer EX¹ transforms electronics and prototyping in the same way that 3D printing has made things possible that were inconceivable even 5 years ago.

The EX¹ printer is not designed to create any 3D object like normal 3D printers. It’s been crafted and designed for one key purpose, to allow you to 3D print circuit boards, layering silver nano particles onto paper or any suitable surface to rapidly create a circuit board. In 2011, an article in Wired said that within two years 3D printers could print electronic circuits. Two years to the day, we’re announcing the EX¹, a printer that allows you to rapidly 3D print circuit boards.

The process is as easy as clicking File > Print. This lets you create electronics, just as you’ve envisioned – wearable electronics, paper circuits, printed computers or whatever you imagine. A 3D printer creates the objects of your imagination; the EX¹ lets you create the electronics of your imagination.

Google: barge will be interactive learning space – posted by ZionPhil

Internet giant Google says it is exploring using a large barge as an interactive learning center.

A statement released Wednesday from Google’s press center may help end weeks of speculation about the purpose of structures on two barges, one being built in the San Francisco Bay, another off Portland, Maine.

RotoMAAK – an affordable Desktop Rotational Molding Machine – posted by ZionPhil

Co-Founder of TeMAAK and Inventor of the RotoMAAK, Mark VanDiepenbos presents the RotoMAAK desktop rotational molding machine and demonstrates its use.

The RotoMAAK evenly distributes 2 part epoxies, as well as other rotational mold materials, to make parts out of 3d printed molds, silicon molds, or other types of molds in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. More details and specs coming soon, including the date for the Kickstarter Campaign. Sign up on their website to receive email notifications about its development and Kickstarter Launch.

Mark VanDiepenbos is a part of Makerspace Goshen, the same group that John Oly and Steve Wygant of (Rostock Max and Orion 3D printers) are a part of.